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6850-600X600-G6 Crystal Chandelier with Remote Control Dimmable (Natural / Warm and daylight)

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Product Description

Decorative modern furniture & lighting Crystal Square Chandelier w/ remote control Dimmable (Natural, Warm & Daylight) w/ MP3 and Bluetooth

•Decorative modern furniture & lighting Crystal Chandelier w/ remote control Dimmable (Natural / Warm and Daylight)

•Model: 6850-600X600-G6

•Power Source: AC

•Input Power: AC180-240V-50/60Hz - 84W Max

•Style: Modern

•Light Source: LED Bulbs

•Body Material: Stainless Steel

•Is Dimmable: Yes

•Item Type: Chandeliers

•TRi-Color: Natural | Warm | Daylight

•Measurement: 68 x 68 x 22cm

* Best to Remove protective Film upon installation